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Interested in finding out more about Google Plus? The SBM Alumni Club is offering “Is Google Plus in Your Future?” through the SBM Learning Network.

This seminar will be held on Tuesday Jan. 24 from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. in the Community Room at the Oregon Coast Community College campus in South Beach. Misty Lambrecht, one of Lincoln County’s leading social network consultants, will be demonstrating the power of this new Internet program and how it can be easily integrated into your marketing plan.

Social Networking is a valuable tool for business owners to market their business. Google is more than just a search engine. The Google suite offers a bundle of applications that are totally integrated. They include Gmail, Google Docs (Spreadsheets, Word processors, Sites), Picasa (Photo editing, sharing and posting) and now Google Plus.

Lambrecht will be able to demonstrate specific instances where Google Plus may be a superior product to Facebook. Business owners can share information by creating small intimate “circles” of friends. They can easily communicate with selected groups in their business network. Adding Google Plus to their social networking tool box will give them greater flexibility to target your message.  In Google Plus  data; documents, pictures and e-mails are integrated and are easy to use.

Get more information about this seminar by calling Ron Spisso at 541-487-4855 or Kathleen at the Small Business Development Center, 541-994-4166. Advance registration is not required. Ask about the follow-up support you can get after this seminar. The seminar is free of charge. So is the counseling. You can invite a guest.

The Small Business Development Center at Oregon Coast Community College is part of a statewide network of 19 BizCenters. As a network member we have access to current information and a number of key business resources. Our Center is also a member of the Oregon Microenterprise Network which allows us even greater access to resources for our clients. We serve communities throughout Lincoln County. The cornerstone of Center is the Small Business Management (SBM) program started in 1992. Our primary funding sources are the Small Business Administration (SBA), Oregon Economic and Community Development Department (OECDD), and Oregon Coast Community College. Over the years we have forged strong local partnerships with governmental agencies, chambers of commerce, and economic development organization. We help start, grow, and retain businesses in Lincoln County.

 Ronald Spisso, Oregon Coast Community College SBDC, rspisso@occc.cc.or.us, 541-994-4166